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Vendors (Manufacturers) know that a successful product launch has a pronounced impact on a product's ultimate profitability.

Crucial questions are

  • How can a manufacturer be certain that channel partners have the right product content and information they need to sell effectively - and that all of the online catalogs present the product in its best light?
  • How can a manufacturer be assured that small and medium resellers will have the resources to present and sell their products?

What do we offer ?

Manufacturers cannot afford to spend so much on physically getting a product to market on time - only to find that their channels are not prepared to sell it.

Making multiple formats of product content as clear and easy to access as possible for the channel partner is critical to the manufacturer's success - and revenue stream.

Creating a "where to buy" platform where end users can place orders at a reseller approved by the manufacturer is typically what vendors have been asking e-nitiative

The path to success !

E-nitiative is delivering timely and accurate product information to the channel and outline a new option for manufacturers that overcomes these challenges, reduces the high cost of disseminating rich product content and information, and increases revenues through the channel.